The EXACT Video Formulas To Use 
To Turn TikTok views into leads & sales 
(This is how you’ll ACTUALLY make money with short form videos!)
You already know that TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms in recent history.
You already know that its users are engaged, raving fans.

But what you might not know is that nearly 60% of TikTok users are aged 20 and older.

Which means they’re your potential customers.

It’s not just an app for funny dances or teenagers anymore. 

And if you’ve spent any time on TikTok (or posting Instagram Reels)... you know that views and followers doesn’t always mean leads and sales.

If you’re like many business owners, you chalk it up to a fun experience… or maybe a way to “get your name out there.”

But there IS a real, proven process to leveraging short form video like TikTok and Reels to generate revenue in your business.

Why You’re Not Making Money on TikTok
The problem with most of the videos I see on TikTok is simple: they’re aimed at generating awareness. 

They’re all designed to get people to discover you. 

But there are FIVE other stages of the funnel that your buyers MUST go through in order to make a purchase.

And if you’re not hitting all of them with your videos… when are you?

Answer: you’re not.

Without a clear understanding of exactly how the TikTok funnel works… you’ll forever be stuck creating videos in the hopes of amassing a ton of followers and always falling short of making those followers matter.

Which, sure, if you want to become a TikTok creator, generate $20-$1k per month from the TikTok Creators Fund… have at it. Keep working to get those followers.

But if you’re ready to move those followers off the platform and into your email list… or to sell your products, services, courses and programs…

Then it’s time to start thinking about your profit.

Introducing: TikTok Profit Lab
The ONLY course designed to show you how to maximize your efforts across the entire funnel your followers need to see to buy more of your stuff.
This is not just another “I hit it big and now I’m showing you how to go viral” course. 

Because frankly… been there, done that.

I’m the originator of the Trend Alert - the one who started understanding what trends will hit it big and letting my audience know about it before anyone else (so they could take advantage of what was up and coming and start to grow their followings fast.)

And I’ve racked up the views.

But what’s more than that…

I’ve added 4,000 people to my list with a single campaign.
I’ve put thousands and thousands of dollars in my pocket from TikTok followers alone.

AND I’ve repeated this process with my clients… over and over and over again.

It’s this experience and expertise that I’ve put into this course for you.
Check out Student Success Stories...
What You’ll Discover in TikTok Profit Lab
I’ve set this course up to be an entire A-Z TikTok funnel overview - so you’ll not only understand how the funnel works inside the app, but how to take your viewers off-app and into your programs, courses, and discovery calls.
Module 1: Introduction to the TikTok Sales Funnel
In this lesson, I’m going to review the basic funnel and what you need to know about your audience at each stage. And then I’m going to give you an overview of the content you should be creating for each stage of this funnel so you can attract new followers, build community, and generate leads and sales.

You'll discover:
  • The key mistake you might be making on TikTok with your funnel - and how you can make sure you never do this again
  • The difference between content types at each stage… and why your audience needs more than one type of content from you if you want them to convert
  • Why a sales funnel is so important to your business in general… but ESPECIALLY on TikTok!
Once you have the basics down, we’ll move onto…
Module 2: An In-Depth Look at Call
to Actions
Module 2: An In-Depth Look at Call to Actions
The ONE thing most business owners don’t do enough of is ask their audience to take action. This is a B-I-G mistake - because that’s the only way you’re going to make sales! In this lesson, I’ll show you everything you need to know about CTAs, including:
  • The different types of call to action (and how you should be using each one)...
  • CTA best practices - including how to avoid the mistakes that will confuse your audience (and keep you from converting them to leads and buyers!)...
  • The FIVE places you can use calls to action in your content… AND which is best to use at which time… 
PLUS I’m giving you my CTA cheat sheet so you always have a handy reference when you’re creating your content.

Then it’s time to start filling your funnel with...

Module 3: Follower & Client Attraction
Here is where we start looking at how to fill our funnel with potential leads - yes, the viewers, commenters, and followers! And even though this isn’t the ONLY part of the funnel you should be focusing on… it is the first step to working with you.
I’ll show you:
  • The four things you must be doing to optimize TikTok as your funnel (by this point you’ll probably be able to guess one or two of them)...
  • The type of follower you want to attract - and the type that you should be staying away from - and how to tell whether you’re getting it right…
  • TEN simple video formulas that will attract the right people to your account so you can convert them to customers…
Most courses stop here… but we’re going to dive in even deeper to make sure you know exactly how to profit from your short form video content…
Get Your TikTok Sales Funnel Working For You Today
Just $197
Module 4: Nurturing Your Audience
Module 4: Nurturing Your Audience
Once you’ve landed a new follower or someone new has landed on your account… now what? This is your opportunity to keep them coming back for more and give them the information they need to build trust in you. Because trust is what leads to sales.

I’ll show you:
  • Why this middle part of the funnel is the most important - and how you’ve overlooked it in the marketing you’re currently doing…
  • How to nurture your audience when they’re all at different stages of their buying journey with you…
  • 3 MORE video formulas that you can use right now to build community and gain the trust of your followers…
Because once you’ve gained trust… now you have the opportunity to turn them into customers. So of course, we’ll be talking about…
Module 5: Videos That Sell
This is the part of the course that EVERYONE wants - but without the previous 4 modules, it won’t make as much of a difference for your business. That’s why we’ve set the foundation we have - because everything up until this point is leading you right to the sale. 

I’ll show you:
  • How to know when to begin selling based on the interaction and engagement from your community…
  • The B-I-G selling mistakes that people make on TikTok so you know EXACTLY what to avoid when you’re ready to make those sales…
  • And yes - 3 MORE video formulas that will help you generate leads, get more email registrations, and promote your products or services.
These videos are e-a-s-y and take less than 10 minutes each to make. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

But your regular videos aren’t the only way to sell on TikTok…
Module 6: Selling with Stories
Module 6: Selling with Stories
If you have the stories feature, you can sell here, too! And while the format is just a bit different… it’s no less powerful than creating videos for the feed.

In this lesson, I’ll show you exactly how you can use your stories to:
  • Sell your programs, products, services or courses
  • Get new people to sign up for your email list
  • Book discovery calls
  • ​Or any other next step you want them to take!
And if you don’t yet have the stories feature… don’t worry because you can always use…
Module 7: Livestream Sales
Livestreaming is another feature on TikTok that’s grossly underutilized at every point in the funnel. But it’s incredibly powerful for launches, cart close deadlines, or flash sales… in addition to regular sales and lead generation.

I’ll break down the strategies for not only hosting a successful livestream… but leveraging that livestream to generate leads, make sales, and add new people to your email list in droves.
Discover How To Sell Almost Effortlessly on TikTok
Just $137 
These are the same strategies and techniques that my private clients pay me thousands of dollars to share behind closed doors.

The same video formulas that are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

The exact knowledge that can take you from creating content on TikTok for fun… to knowing that when you post a new video, it will mean real bottom-line dollars.

But I’m not going to stop there…
I’m also including an entire bonus package worth $1,100 to help you create profitable content in a snap.
Profit Bonus #1: 219 Ideas Cheat Sheet ($197.00 Value)
If you’ve ever thought “what the HECK am I going to post?!”... then this is the resource you need. These are tried, tested, and proven video ideas that will help you gain followers, grow your community, AND nurture your audience… making your sales even easier.

This cheat sheet will not only show you some video ideas… but also the type of content they are AND where it fits into your funnel.

Making your videos has never been easier.
Profit Bonus #2: Content Repurpose Checklist ($37.00 Value)
If you’re creating videos for TikTok… is there any reason you shouldn’t be using them on:
➡ Instagram Reels
➡ YouTube Shorts
➡ Facebook Reals
➡ LinkedIn
➡ Pinterest

(Hint: the answer is NO, there is no reason!)

This checklist will help you repurpose your content - AND I’ll even show you how to easily download your video and remove that pesky watermark… so you can repost natively and get the biggest result from your efforts.

Get all 7 Modules + $1,110 in Bonuses
Just $197 
Profit Bonus #3: TikTok Sounds List ($297.00 Value)
This is a list of sounds categorized by theme that you can pair with the video formulas from the Profit Lab OR the Video Ideas List… and more than HALF the sounds have a video idea along with them… which means you’re getting the idea AND the sound in an easy to to search format. 

Yeah, that’s right - no more scrolling through the sounds wondering WHAT you’re going to use in your video.

And what’s more… it’s updated weekly. It currently has over 300 video ideas, ranging from currently trending sounds to other sounds that will help you create highly engaging content.
Profit Bonus #4: Sounds & Trends Training ($97.00 Value)
I’ve created a training specifically on how to use the sounds list… BUT I’m going even further and showing you the 5 Ways to use the sounds and trends to grow and monetize your brand on TikTok.

If you want to take advantage of what’s working… THIS is the training you need to answer your questions… including the question “Does EVERY sound I use have to be trending?” 
Profit Bonus #5: Hashtag, Caption & TikTok SEO Strategies ($97.00 Value)
You will learn everything you need to know to maximize hashtags, captions and SEO to boost your views. 
Profit Bonus #6: Clients-Only Facebook Community ($397.00 Value)
When you invest in the TikTok Profit Lab, I’ll also give you access to my exclusive clients-only Facebook community, where you’ll be able to ask questions, connect with other business owners, share ideas, AND support one another as you grow your TikTok accounts.

(AND you never know when I’ll pop in for a live training, hot seat Q&A, or account review livestream…)

This group has previously been limited to one-on-one clients and members of my TikTok Accelerator… but you’ll have lifetime access when you join TikTok Profit Lab today.
Never struggle to promote your business again.
You won’t have to worry about how to create a video that promotes your challenge… your lead magnet… your offer… your course… your membership… your group… your services.

You’ll never question whether you’re doing the right thing.

You’ll never wonder if there’s something you should be doing differently or better to maximize the time you’re spending on your video content.

Because I'm going to lay it all out for you. Step by step.

Remember: these are not just video ideas. I’m giving you detailed formulas that have been tried and tested on my account AND the accounts of my clients. We’ve been the guinea pigs for you!

My clients are getting 80,000 followers in just one video… and turning those followers into customers.

They’re getting a thousand… two thousand… three, four and five thousand new email subscribers with one or two videos.

I’m not telling you WHAT to do. I’m breaking it down and pulling back the curtain to show you HOW to do it.

So you don’t have to try to copy the big entertainment accounts to get attention. You can do what you do best - serve your audience - and have it pay off. In a big way.

I’ve been told that I’m out of my mind to offer this for just $197… but the truth is, I WANT you to be successful. TikTok has been an incredible platform for my business… and now I want you to have the same opportunity to grow.

Are you ready to profit on TikTok?
I’ll see you there.

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re not only getting all SEVEN modules that will show you exactly how to create a profitable TikTok funnel… I’m also giving you my Profit Bonus Package worth $1,025.00… which includes:

  • TikTok Sounds List ($297.00 Value) - over 300 sounds and more added every 2 weeks
  • Sounds & Trends Training ($97.00 Value) - to help you understand how to use sounds and trends to attract, engage and sell to your audience
  • Content Repurpose Checklist ($37.00 Value) - to help you use the same content on multiple platforms
  • ​219 Ideas Cheat Sheet ($197.00 Value) - so you’re never without an idea ever again
  • ​Hashtag, Caption & TikTok SEO Strategies Training - to help boost your views even more! ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Clients-Only Facebook Community ($397.00 Value) - to ask questions, get ideas, and find the support you need to keep growing
It’s all yours for just 1 payment of $137. But only if you act NOW.
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