Free 5 Day Virtual TikTok Challenge

Create Content to Converts Followers & Paying Customers on TikTok
(Learn the proven methods I use with 1:1 clients to create a TikTok content strategy that converts)
The Challenge Starts Monday May 16th, 2022
If you are trying to grow and build an audience on TikTok, you need clarity on your content.
The algorithm is always changing, yet quality content that resonates with your audience is always popular and guarantees you views and followers. 

It’s not about the time to post, trending music or hashtags, those are additional strategies that can help, but they do not make you go viral.

Whether you are a financial coach, dog groomer, craft seller, fashion influencer, or growing a personal brand to monetize, you’ve got to know what you are posting and have a strategy behind it to convert followers to customers and generate more sales. 
You can’t just post random videos without a plan and pray to the algorithm gods.
 You’ve got to know who you are speaking to and then you have to create a strategy to put it together in a way that attracts new followers and nurtures current followers, ultimately turning them into a community of loyal, raving fans and then customers. 
This 5 day FREE challenge will help you understand the basics of creating quality content and develop a clear content strategy, so you can build your audience and monetize your account.
Time for me to share a secret….
Making successful TikTok videos isn’t a mysterious, magical gift that only a select few have! 

Unfortunately, a lot of TikTok gurus would have you believe it is, so you feel like you can never have the success you crave and blindly follow them for their tips and tricks. 

You can be successful on TikTok too! Content creation is 100% accessible. You just need the skills and I’m going to teach you.

Gone are the days of posting a trend video because you don’t know what to do. Gone are the days of watching your follower count stay the same or even worse go down. 

When you combine content strategy with vision, your account and sales can soar.

That’s what you’ll get on this challenge. I’m going to show you how to create content that gets you more followers and sales.

Still Curious? 
Here's How it Works...
  • The challenge starts the moment you register! I will start guiding you right away inside the challenge Facebook group and via email
  • Every day of the challenge you'll get a live training in the Facebook group(replay is available!) with a solid strategy you can put into play in your business that attracts your ideal clients
  • You’ll get worksheets where you can implement and plan what you are taught. You will be given assignments and feedback will be available to get you set on the right track. 
  • If you love to know all the details...Check out the Challenge play by play below.
If you love to know all the details...Check out the Challenge play by play below.



Monday 11:00 AM EST -  On day 1 you’ll get an introduction to content strategy and learn about making educational videos that position you at the top of your niche. 



Tuesday 11:00 AM EST -   On day 2 you will gain clarity around trends. Learn how to make trending content in 10 min or less and know which trends help give you more exposure and which ones to avoid. 



Wednesday 11:00 AM EST -  On day 3 you will learn what making inspirational content looks like for you. Learn how to uplift, motivate and inspire viewers to take action.



Thursday 11:00 AM EST -   On day 4 you will gain an understanding of what original content consists of and brainstorm ideas for original series that will help you stand out and become known in your niche or industry.



Friday 11:00 AM EST -  On day 5 it’s time to promote! Discover ways to make videos that showcase your products and services to inspire your audience to buy.

Friday 4:00 PM EST -  Bonus training. Take everything you learned during the week and put it together into an action plan that you can implement immediately. 

If you are ready to start experiencing growth and start leveraging the power of TikTok grab your spot for the free 5 day challenge. 
Heya! I'm Wave
I specialize in helping people who feel confused and frustrated with the TikTok platform create the kind of account that creates loyal, raving fans, positions you as the expert to make you more money in your business. If I could toot my own horn, I could tell you how I’ve helped @mentallygreat go from 8K -1 M in 2 months, or how I helped @acupofmel go viral with intention, sell out her group coaching program and have a waitlist for months. 
But this challenge isn’t about me. It’s about you.
And more specifically: helping you get out of that rut you’re experiencing and giving you clarity on how to move forward with your TikTok account.
When I started on TikTok, I had no idea how to make short form videos, or what to post. As a professional photographer, I had experience with photo and video equipment and could make other people look great on camera, but I had no idea how to do that for myself and how to convert it to followers and sales.
I’ve learned how to do that… and so can you. I’m going to show you some “secrets” that I use with 1:1 clients to develop a content strategy plan that gives them a clear vision.
Which means you’re going to leave this challenge empowered to create videos with a purpose that make an impact on your followers and attract new ones.
Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot better than stressing about what to post?

Creating your tiktok content that converts starts now!
The Challenge Starts Monday, May 16th 2022
Are you in?
This is for people ready to get BIG results and put in the work to get them. Don't sign up if you're not ready to play full out ok?
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